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Stocks, REITs, Oil Income Funds, and CEFs That Pay Dividends Monthly

Stocks, REITs, Oil Income Trusts, and CEFs That Pay Dividends Monthly

"A very extensive list. Haven't been able to find the same info in one location anywhere else." P.E., Texas

"Great list. Makes sorting easy." A.W., California

WallStreetNewsNetwork.com has developed a list of over 200 stocks, closed end funds, real estate investment trusts, and oil income trusts which pay dividends monthly, in the form of an Excel spreadsheet, which can be downloaded, sorted, and updated. The database contains extensive information including
  • the company name
  • the Yahoo Finance symbol
  • the yield
  • the net asset value
  • recent price
  • the premium or discount
  • the management fee
  • when the company was founded
  • the country the stock is based in (there are withholding tax issues with Canadian companies).

    The cost of this list is $35.00. To order, go to our updated secure order page by clicking